About Us

The Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Architechnologist draws on fifteen years of professional expertise as an Architect and a passion for cutting-edge technology to envision the role of innovation in the evolution of the practice of Architecture.

Dedicated to exploring the emerging technology that affects how we experience the world around us. Building on the success of the Architechnologist, he has launched “The Curated Architechnologist”, a bi-weekly collection of news for the interested individuals and a premium-level membership that give access to in-depth analysis for companies seeking research and recommendations around connected technologies, including the Enhanced Environment, Humanistic Intelligence (also known as “quantified self”) and Smart Places.

In addition to his publishing activities, Michael continues to serve as a judge for the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. He regularly participates in roundtables and speaking engagements as a thought-leader and influencer.

Technology continues to permeate the spaces where we live and work – our homes and offices contain increasing numbers of networked systems that connect to each other, the Internet and (sometimes) us.  Advances in the convergence of home automation, integrated systems and remote monitoring with augmented reality, location-aware devices and related social media creates a large and influential audience.  The very public technology integration of private theaters and audio systems (both at home and work) are also only a small part of the infiltration of connected technology into our surroundings.  Adoption of these cutting-edge technologies will change the way we experience both physical spaces and the virtual/social media world.

The evolution of these technologies will inevitably include the latest advancements in all manner of consumer electronics, certain varieties of augmented reality and immersive multimedia, “smart” furniture, network systems and the methods connecting them.  Founded and edited by a registered Architect and member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Architechnologist believes that technology integration has become far more than an after-the-fact part of the design process in architecture or interior design and has expanded beyond being just another facet of the program to actually changing the experience of the design process and then the public’s experience.

We develop relationships and advisory roles with  businesses and individuals who create retail, commercial or residential spaces and experiences that embrace emerging technology.  Currently, we consult with real estate developers and brokerage firms, agencies, small business owners and individuals, introducing them to the technology that continues to permeate the spaces where we live and work.  We provide a unique value is created by insights that utilize the latest in technology and also provide a level of “future-readiness”.  Additional value is generated by engaging the new technology culture in and around lower Manhattan as an advocate to help that growing market.

Michael Kaufman AIA