Media Kit


Ad units are currently available directly, please contact [email protected] for details. Unsold ad units are filled through Google Adsense.

Sponsored Content

  • Sponsored Articles – a regular slate of articles and reviews posted on and submitted as guest posts on related sites around the web to raise the profile of a brand or product and highlight its functionality and consumer appeal.

We are particularly excited about the possibilities of fusing advertising and journalism into one product intended to be distributed as content, albeit with a highly branded quality.   Integral to this “Branded Content” are the facets of a brand ambassador concept, including a mix of social media and advertorial elements that give companies the opportunity to “own their audience”.  For the right brand, we believe that this kind of content could be a very effective and forward-leaning initiative.

Branding and Logos

We encourage the use of official logos for “the Architechnologist” and make them available upon request.  Please contact [email protected] for additional information.