Augmented Reality to the Max

Utilizing an amazing installation of augmented reality technology in a bus stop in London, Pepsi Max has embraced the medium as a potentially game-changing advertising tool. The normally complacent commuters who wait patiently for their bus are confronted with meteors, tigers and robot invasions — some react with fear, but most overcome it and embrace the fiction.

The acceptance of the virtual is what makes this installation so interesting and now we can only wonder what might happen as mobile versions of augmented reality devices (like Google Glass or any of the upcoming devices from Vuzix).  This idea has been part of our topic since 2010 (before the current iteration of the Architechnologist), most notably in a post named “Will You Remove Your World Lenses?”

we might see the simple elimination of a competitor’s brand from our view or the replacement of one brand with another.  For example: imagine if the fictional “Kookah Cola” was in competition with the fictional “Peapsee Co.” and an particularly zealous advertising agency was able to “hijack” every occurrence of “Kookah Cola” and replace their name and logo with that of “Peapsee Co.”.  Or if the same scenario occurred with political candidates, or people of one particular race, the possibilities for abuse seem limited only by our imagination and our acceptance of the technology that makes it possible.
from TECHNOGORILLA, 17 December 2010 (the entire article is here)

A product of the AMV agency for PepsiMax UK, the “Unbelievable Bus Shelter” may be one of our first attempts at public infiltration of augmented reality but it certainly will not be the last.

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