Navdy HUD driving system.

CES Report – Navdy Keeps Eyes on the Road

Connected devices make driving simpler but not always safer – even the best GPS, directions, emergency alerts or vehicle status system can cause more harm than good if the driver’s attention is taken away from the road. Navdy announced that it is shipping a device that can be placed in any vehicle (and even moved between them) that places smart device information into the user’s line of sight without blocking the view of the road using augmented reality (AR).

The Navdy heads-up display (HUD) projects a transparent image on the road ahead in full color with incredible clarity, even in bright daylight. Controlling the Navdy incorporates hand gestures, rather than buttons, to control the interface without dropping your eyes to locate a physical location.

A native navigation system is powered by Google Maps with a built-in GPS chip and local storage (so drivers don’t have to worry about losing navigation even if they leave network coverage). Navdy floats fully dynamic maps on the road ahead as a transparent image without obstructing the driver’s view.

Navdy can also communicate with your car through the Navdy Dash accessory (connecting to the onboard diagnostics port) to show speed, RPM and even automatically recommend nearby gas stations when your fuel level is low.

Navdy HUD driving system.
Navdy HUD driving system.
Image Credit: Navdy

Compatible with iOS (9 and 10), and Android (Jelly Bean 4.1 or newer), Navdy connects with smart devices to allow users to make and receive calls, listen to messages, control music, receive calendar reminders and stay connected with the other applications on your phone.

Navdy incorporates some of the same HUD features offered in luxury cars at a far more affordable price. Navdy is now available for $799 (alternatively available with either 12 or 24-month financing) on

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