Copper bracelets with upcycled circuit boards from Circuit Breaker Labs.

Geek Bling from Circuit Breaker Labs

Wearing your geekiness is (finally) something to embrace rather than hide away. Some people mark it on their skin, others in the style of their hair and others in their hobbies or clothing – the incredible artists at Circuit Breaker Labs are creating tech-inspired jewelry and accessories that might showcase a particular kind of awesome geek.

Handcrafted from upcycled broken electronics that would have otherwise been destined for landfills, the pieces from Circuit Breaker Labs are all made by hand in Rochester, New York. The founder of CBL, Amanda Preske, saw beauty in the broken computer her brother was attempting to repair and in 2007 began to focus exclusively on creating with circuit boards and share her love of science and technology through art.

Circuit Breaker Labs founder, Amanda Preske, in her studio.
Circuit Breaker Labs founder, Amanda Preske, in her studio.
Image Credit: Circuit Breaker Labs

Circuit Breaker Labs creates beautiful pieces such as cufflinks, key chains, jewelry, money clips and more from copper, sterling silver and plated silver. All the reclaimed electronics are thoroughly cleaned and outfitted in vintage, vintage-inspired, or recycled silver settings. Every piece is then finished with dome of epoxy resin which acts as a lens and magnifying the beauty of the circuit board underneath.

The pieces from Circuit Breaker Labs are available for purchase on their website at, at galleries and museum stores (including the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History) and at the occasional Maker Faire.

Amanda is a tremendous proponent of expanding the STEM academic program (science, technology, engineering, and math) to include art – creating the new acronym STEAM. These skills prepare students to think critically, problem solve, observe and make logical, educated decisions in life. With Circuit Breaker Labs, she has created the AweSTEM People Project to sharing stories from people in STEM around the globe and inspire others to learn more about science and technology. People selected to be featured in the AweSTEM People Project are featured on the Circuit Breaker Labs website and receive a gift from CBL to commemorate the honor.

If know an AweSTEM person (or are one yourself), encourage them to share their work using the form here.

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