Interesting Accessories for Smartphone Cameras

Smartphones are not just mini-PCs , they can sometimes replace compact cameras.  Cameras in HTC, Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Sony smartphones can really amaze, but don’t forget about special things, which need some help to use all the resources.

iphone_lensMany people will think about tripods, but they are not the only thing which helps to make a clear photo.  Some of the most interesting accessories for the smart phones’ cameras are able to satisfy the requirements of the most critical photographer.

Photojojo Lens Series

There are four interchangeable lenses (macro lens, wide-angle lens, “telephoto” and “fisheye”) in Photojojo Lens Series and all they can be fixed at the phone’s body with the help of magnetic ring (which sticks to the phone with an adhesive base).  According to producer, we can forget about Canon cameras thanks to such lenses.  They have the only one drawback, their sizes are big and they cover built-in flash.

Joby GripTight

American company Joby suggests a universal tripod which can be compatible with the most part of the pads and smart phones. Furthermore, the universal fixing gives an opportunity to use it with different lenses.

Steadicam Smoothee

The stabilization system of Steadicam Smoothee uses the same materials as in a professional system with a price of more than $60,000. The durable metal construction helps to get an awesome photo quality and is compatible with most modern tripods.

Hama Wireless Data Reader

Compact wireless card reader Hama Wireless Data Reader supports such memory cards as: SDHC, SD, SDXC, MMC, MMC Plus, RS-MMC and MicroSD. The device uses Wi-Fi to transfer images between mobile devices and memory cards or computers.  Additionally, it can act as a Wi-Fi-router.

Microphone iRigMic

IK Multimedia positions microphone iRigMic is a perfect thing for the sound recording. This microphone has 3 levels of the sensitivity adjustment and a software package for the vocal processing.

Camalapse 3

This device looks like a cylinder which consists of 2 parts. It helps to get the effect of time-lapse in panoramic circular videos and it also can help to make 360-degree panoramic photos.  Camalapse 3 is an intermediate between professional cameras, smart phones and tripod. It consists of 2 parts which can rotate relative to each other. The upper part is a timer with a tripod screw and the lower one has a hole for the tripod screw.


The Glif+ adapter connects iPhones to modern tripods.  This device is small and you can carry it with your keys.

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