Kids Get Dinosaur-Sized Tech with STEMosaur

Introducing children to coding and the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) curriculum is incredibly important and happening at younger ages all the time. STEMosaur is the new creation from Elemental Path, the company that brought the Watson-powered CogniToys to kids just two years ago. The STEMosaur is a substantial evolution and is launching on Indiegogo today.

STEMosaur customizable toy also teaches coding. and STEM elements.
STEMosaur customizable toy also teaches coding and STEM elements.
Image Credit: Elemental Path

The STEMosaur starts as an easily assembled kit of parts, giving kids ownership of their creation even before they begin to interact with it. Once constructed, engaging with the STEMosaur starts through the custom artificial intelligence software, called Friendgine (friend engine), that allows personalized conversations between STEMosaur and the user. Using the cloud-based AI, STEMosaur tells jokes and plays games to encourage imagination.

More advanced coding skills are accessed through a computer or tablet and a dedicated coding panel that will educate kids on different elements of how to program devices. The panel will allow young coders to program the STEMosaur to tell new jokes, share additional stories and play new games.

It’s clear that parents want their kids to play with toys that teach something, especially elements of coding and STEM. We see the STEMosaur, and the CogniToys line as a whole, as a way to unlock kids’ creativity and foster their imaginations through intelligent hands-on play. Our goal is for CogniToys to help fuel the next generation of engineers and scientists.
— Donald Coolidge, CEO and Co-Founder of Elemental Path

STEMosaur also features a Parent Panel, allowing caregivers to be informed about what their child is learning. The Parent Panel monitors usage patterns and learning progress as well as features like special bedtime settings. Parents can use this platform to add content to STEMosaur — programming their own stories, jokes, games and more.

STEMosaur is launching through Indiegogo to raise interest with early adopters. Backers of STEMosaur are eligible for some awesome perks, with a limited number of $99 kits available to super early backers. There is one special backer perk that deserves special mention: a bundle priced at $1250, where CogniToys will match your product purchase with a donation of 10 STEMosaurs to the school of your choice.

The campaign will launch today with the goal of raising $25,000. STEMosaurs are expected ship in November so backers will be able to give the gift of STEMosaur this holiday season.

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