Leav It To Me

A new mobile platform is creating another bridge between the digital and physical world — Leav will allow artists to create site-specific pieces using factors like location, time, temperature, direction, and speed of travel.  Utilizing the GPS in mobile devices the Leav application allows the user to uncover these pieces of art and locate them on a map, providing unique connections to the environment.

Leav is a product of (the amazingly named) Six Impossible Things (direct link), a think tank whose work includes independent and technology-based projects and consultations.     to the proposition that shaping the future of technology means remembering what made our world beautiful in the first place.

“Movement is a core attribute of this project. The goal is to have the location inform the art and the art inform the location.”
-Andy Voegtline, Six Impossible Things President in an interview with MPLSZine

Launching in Minneapolis this summer,  Leav is based on the idea that our “everyday” technology can link the digital world with our physical surroundings.  The premier iteration will include works from Rogue Valley frontman Chris Koza, Holly Hansen of Zoo Animal, visual artist Kate Casanova and Stuart Pimsler of Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater.  Each of the artists will use the singular platform to stretch their own creative work and provide uniquely enriching experiences for the community.

But before the launch, they will run a Kickstarter campaign (direct link) through March 8, 2014 to fund further expansion of the project. When the project’s financial goal is met, funds will go to working with 15 new artists in their respective cities to create more content and increase Leav’s footprint by the end of 2014.

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