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Giveaway: Revolutionary Myfox “Privacy Camera”

Just released in the US, a suite of smart home security products from Myfox has introduced a new security camera with a connected privacy shutter. The newly available Myfox Home Alarm kit will include a siren, one smart sensor, one key fob, and one wireless hub. Sold separately, the new Myfox security camera has all the functions common to similar devices, such as a 1080P video sensor with CVR capabilities, two-way audio, 4x zoom and battery back-up. The camera’s small size and wireless connectivity let it be discreetly located without having to be secreted away.

The innovation of the new Myfox security camera is the motorized privacy shutter that is controlled via the Myfox Security mobile application, providing security when you need it and privacy when you’re at home. Myfox developed the innovative idea behind the non-intrusive camera by studying user feedback from previous generations of cameras sold in Europe, which they claim found that 30% of users were unplugging their cameras when they were at home in an effort to increase privacy.

The Myfox Home Alarm secures doors and windows with 4th-generation IntelliTAG sensors, which claim to be smart enough to tell the difference between a break-in attempt and a ball bouncing against the door. Once triggered, the Myfox Home Alarm sounds and sends an alert to your smartphone (and additional contacts if desired), allowing the authorities to be contacted. The Myfox key fobs provide a highly connected experience, as they can be personalized with usage case settings for each member of the family. Each key fob also automatically disarms the entire Myfox system when arriving home – no codes or alarm setting necessary, making the Myfox Home Alarm a security system that people will actually use.

Myfox US Devices + App
Myfox US Devices + App
Image Credit: Myfox

The Myfox Community function within the Myfox Security application allows guest access and/or provides alerts to your family, friends, and neighbors. The Myfox system has an open API, making its integration with other smart home products seamless and future-proof.

The giveaway for the new standalone Myfox Security Cameras (a $199 value) is now completed and the winner has been notified by email.

If you are not lucky enough to be the recipient of the camera giveaway, all the Myfox products are now available for sale at The Myfox Security Camera is available for $199 and the Myfox Home Alarm (as described above) is available for $279. Additional key fobs and IntelliTAG sensors are also available.

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