Changes To Content on “The Architechnologist”

One of the content partners of “the Architechnologist” is shutting down after years of providing syndication for our content and bringing great content to us in return. Unfortunately, their servers will shutdown at the end of July 2014 and all of their embedded content will cease to be available — causing the articles they have shared on “the Architechnologist” to return an error message.

We will endeavor to update these embedded, syndicated articles with a direct link to the original content — we are asking for your cooperation in identifying any posts that we may have missed in our efforts to keep our historical content as complete as possible.

Obviously, any publication that is using the service to syndicate articles from “the Architechnologist” will lose that content as well — if you are a publisher and would like to syndicate our content, please contact us through this link:

I would like to thank John, Tim, Theresa, Flint, Danette, Cecily and George at for helping us grow with everything they developed.

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