Open Garden, Now With More Open.

If you have not yet heard of Open Garden, please brace yourself — they have the technology to completely reinvent wireless connectivity.

Demonstrating the latest improvements to the Open Garden system at CTIA2013 in Las Vegas, the company continues to leverage mesh networking and Wi-Fi technologies to turn all connected devices into Internet nodes.  Changing the way existing spectrum is used and the turnkey product helps solve the long-existing challenge US carriers are facing called spectrum crunch.Open Gardne Wireless Mesh Networking

“Open Garden shatters the current perception that spectrum is forever limited and that Wi-Fi access will always be compromised.  Historically, the more devices on the cellular network, the weaker the connection becomes for everyone.  Because Open Garden has an entirely new and radically different approach to providing mobile Internet connectivity through its software, the network improves as the number of connected devices grows.”
Micha Benoliel, Open Garden CEO and co-founder

The problem is the second half of our recurring B&B nightmare of “battery and bandwidth”, the density of smart devices has attained a critical mass; in the United States there are now more mobile connections to the Internet than people.  Open Garden uses a crowdsource-esque system to share Internet connectivity among nearby smartphones, tablets, computers and even Google Glass (Ed. Note: if you don’t understand how huge an advantage this will make for Google Glass, please look at the two related articles I’ve linked to below).

Devices with Open Garden share core Internet access without the need to install, pair, or configure anything.  The application improves access to WiFi by increasing the range of hotspots through multi-hop technology and through access to closed networks with unused capacity.   All this is done by leveraging the wireless connection of each device (smartphone, tablet or laptop), creating a wireless mesh and peer-to-peer network.

Working behind the scenes on a mobile device to share and utilize the best available signals on the local mesh network – combining them when necessary – the Open Garden system makes the “new” mobile network strong and reliable.

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