VOLT Power Station provides an AC outlet with no walls in sight.

Power, Power Everywhere: VOLT Power Station

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, Bluetooth headphones, cameras – all the technology that we travel with comes with one big requirement: power. Keeping all those devices charged is the challenge, users either need to stay tethered to a very long power cable or carry a battery pack… we would suggest the latter. We got to put the VOLT Power Station from Naztech through real-world testing and could not be more impressed. (Disclosure: We received a copy of this product for review purposes.)

The VOLT Power Station features a tremendous 27,000mAh capacity – that’s more than enough to recharge multiple devices. The VOLT is surprisingly small and light for such a powerful battery, about the size of a book and only 1.6 pounds. The large storage capacity of the VOLT would require equally large recharge time except for the dedicated DC input, which can fully refill the battery in only four hours.

To get all that power to your devices the VOLT has three high-speed USB ports that will accommodate any kind of USB-powered device: Micro USB, Lightning, USB-C, and QC 3.0 delivering a generous 5V/3A output to power USB-C devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, MacBook and Chromebook Pixel.

There is an added, and amazing, feature: a full-blown AC outlet that can supply 85W of power to gear you’ve never been able to use with a portable battery before, including laptops, electric fans, flat irons, and electric razors. The VOLT features smart chips that detect the power needs of the devices being recharged to provide the optimal output for the fastest charge on any device, regardless of manufacturer.

27,000mAh of power anywhere from the VOLT Power Station.
27,000mAh of power anywhere from the VOLT Power Station.
Image Credit: Naztech

The idea of being entirely free from being bound to a wall has been incredibly liberating, especially when considering how many devices travel with the typical family every day. I am looking forward to bringing the VOLT with my very connected family on extended journeys… far away from any outlets.

For much more information about the VOLT, visit the product page on Naztech’s website (direct link).

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