PredictGaze Into My Eyes

Microsoft’s Kinect already detects body motions to translate them into gadget control and the Digits system could enhance that ability (discussed in a previous post here), a start-up called PredictGaze uses existing hardware to use eye-movement as a controller.  Using a regular webcam, the PredictGaze system is able to connect visual detectors to a television, so that it paused when the user looked away for a sufficiently long period of time.

Alternatively, the system could be used to track eye movement while watching television to gauge audience interest.  For example, using eye tracking to switch away from commercials that provoke a response of gazing away.  Companies would want them because they would save money on ineffective TV spots, producers would want them because they would encourage the viewer to stay plugged in for longer and viewers would want them because it would prevent a major source of annoyance.  We suspect that with the growing trend of internet-connected TVs, many of which include a video camera, systems like this will be available sooner than you might expect.

Ed. Note: A quick review of the PredictGaze website shows that there is more than a little thought already invested into how this technology might be used in new and novel ways as well as how it might be monetized.

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