If You Read One Article About Portable Batteries, Read This One

PNY PowerPack 10400 mAh BatteryWe keep returning to those two problems that hinder the advancement of truly innovative mobile technology: batteries and bandwidth. Devices and software are powerful enough to do the amazing things we want, but either we cannot get the data we need to our devices where we are or the devices that can are so power-hungry that they do not really qualify as mobile. There are regular (and amazing) advancements in both technologies — but for now, users need a work-around for what we can affect: battery-life.

At the Pepcom “Holiday Spectacular” event, we got to see two currently available products that show how far we have come.

From PNY, an incredible group of portable rechargeable batteries in their “PowerPack” line. At the top of the heap, their newest: the ID10400. An amazing 10400-mAh provides enough power to recharge more than three mobile devices and it has a digital display that shows the capacity remaining as well as the percentage of battery power. Dual USB outputs let users charge smartphones or tablets simultaneously while displaying how much power each device is pulling. Perhaps even more important, the 2 amp input allows faster recharging of the ID10400, with half the time versus the industry standard 1 amp input.

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Ventev PowerCell 6000There is one thing missing from the PNY ID10400 that we really, really like in our rechargeable portable batteries: folding duplex AC prongs. After getting a battery with this feature a few years ago, it has become an absolute must-have… there is no need to carry a special wall charger for your backup battery. And we did see one new portable battery that fit the bill very nicely, the┬áVentev Powercell 6000+ packs a very respectable 6000-mAh and dual USB outputs (similar to the PNY ID10400). Ventev may be one of the most widely used and least known manufacturers in the mobile accessories space — they built private-label accessories for national carriers for years and only launched their own lines at the 2013 International CES.

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Both of these portable batteries are excellent choices to keep your devices running when the standard batteries just will not make it through the day. And until advancements in battery technology catches up with our devices’ needs, portable batteries like these will be an indispensable part of our daily supplies.

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