BenQ 27" Designer Monitor is USB-C connected and packed with features.

Review: BenQ 27-inch USB-C Designer Monitor

A review of the 27-inch BenQ Designer Monitor (PD2710QC) is not as simple as it might seem. There are many features that are hidden within an elegant monitor design but the big surprise is the robust USB-C docking station that can charge devices, transfer data, transmit audio and video, run peripherals and connect to the Internet — all with a single connection. BenQ supplied a monitor to us for this review, all opinions are our own.

BenQ 27" Monitor allows a laptop to sit below the screen for a two-monitor arrangement.
BenQ 27″ Monitor allows a laptop to sit below the screen for a two-monitor arrangement.
Image Credit: BenQ

The dock has four (4!) type-A USB ports (those are the “regular” ones) in addition to an Ethernet jack and a dedicated audio jack. All of those services are linked to the connected computer through a single USB-C cable, one that also can recharge the battery on a laptop if connected. The dock is integrated into the slim base of the monitor and easily acts as a platform for a connected laptop and the monitor arm is designed to raise the screen well above the height of an open laptop, creating a usable two screen arrangement.

More features in the BenQ USB-C Designer Monitor:

  • Multi-stream transport technology (MST) is built into the monitor, allowing several screens to be daisy-chained together. The minimal bezels allow for a nearly seamless multiple display arrangement for incredibly immersive experience.
  • BenQ’s Low Blue Light technology minimizes eye fatigue and irritation by filtering out harmful blue light.
  • Multiple display modes are available that allow for users to tune the monitor to specific tasks, including animation mode (for intricate designs), CAD/CAM mode (for high contrast and resolution) and darkroom mode (for sharp detail).

The only negative feature is for users who already have a multiple monitor arrangement, specifically one with mounting arms – as the USB-C connection and ports are on the base those functions require the stand to be in place.

The 27-inch BenQ USB-C Monitor has lived up to its claims, easily connecting to a laptop and supporting high-speed access to any device without native USB-C support. The single cable connection and well-organized dock allows for a less cluttered workspace.

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