Tagwhat, You’re It.

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Tagwhat is a mobile application that mines the constantly evolving and seemingly endless information that is spread across the internet to create a mobile tour guide that “makes you a local expert, wherever you go”.  Using location data from a mobile device, Tagwhat finds content related to the places around you; searching the web, social networks and 3rd party application content (like Yelp and Foursquare) for the most relevant information.

Similar in some respects to the Moveable app, which provides entirely curated and user-created “guided” tours, Tagwhat provides a dynamic experience through it’s connection to both user-defined content and “automatic” content from Tagwhat’s algorithms.

The Tagwhat interface is a beautifully simple visual image-based system that is made particularly effective through the use of “interest channels”, allowing different content to be toggled on and off.  Tags within an entry  launches video, images, audio and narratives.  A viral component is introduced via Facebook or e-mail digital postcards — spreading both the user’s travels and the reach of the Tagwhat app.

The Tagwhat app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.


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