Avi-on Turns It All On

The goal of the “smart place” is to enhance the experience of the place in some way, often through simplifying the life of the user. For most end-users, making that happen is anything but simple… but it got a lot closer today. Using Bluetooth (rather than WiFi, ZigBee or Z-Wave), Avi-on is claiming their system will be the “simple Bluetooth home for everyone”. Their system began with a simple idea: to create a light switch that did not depend on a physical wired connection.

avion_2“We saw an opportunity when faced with the frustration of moving a single light switch in my home. Our mission was to create the Simple Bluetooth Home ecosystem that lets you start with a simple Avi-on light switch and a light and go from there. We’re partnering with leading brands to give consumers a trusted line of great products to that create a simple, affordable lighting solution for everyone.
— Dana Kunz, Co-Founder and General Manager, Avi-on Labs

The Avi-on ecosystem is designed to allow the user to manage and control traditional household plugs and lighting (both indoor and outdoor) without changing any existing wiring or adding the hub that is required by most other solutions. With the addition of applications for both Android and iOS, products connected to the Avi-on system can be used like any other switch or plug and grouped or put on a programed schedule. By using Bluetooth mesh technology, Avi-on enables all devices to communicate throughout the home while avoiding the Internet connection and it’s potential pitfalls.

Building on the movable light switch, the suite of products includes a virtually unlimited number of Bluetooth-enabled products, potentially including anything that needs to be plugged in. Today, Avi-on announced a partnership to include both in-wall and plug-in GE brand Bluetooth lighting controls in the growing family of products that will function seamlessly with their movable light switch; the list includes the GE Bluetooth Smart Light Dimmer, Light Switch, Indoor Plug, Indoor Dimmable Plug and Outdoor Plug.

Avi-on products are ready to go into production and are expected to do so at the end of this year. In preparation for their commercial launch, Avi-on announced a crowdfunding campaign with substantial discounts on all of the products in the initial lineup. The Avi-on movable switch that is the center-piece of the Avi-on system will be priced at $29.99 during the campaign and the company has created custom bundles that are discounted up to 25 percent.

Updates on Avi-on smart home products and a link to the limited time offers from the crowdfunding campaign can be found at www.avi-on.com.

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