Technology Affecting Everything

A Primer on the “Internet of All” and the purview of the Architechnologist

Everything is getting “smart” and those ephemeral items that cannot get “enhanced”. At the Architechnologist we believe that affecting the experience of the world around us is possible in many ways, current technology gives us three main approaches to evolving our world:

  1. triumverateChanging our “input” through augmented reality (AR).  The purest form of technology changing the experience itself, AR is the most adaptable, as flexible as software. Visual AR hardware is in it’s infancy, but potential of systems like Google’s Glass and Epson’s Moverio is evident.
  2. Adding faux intelligence to real-world objects, creating “smart places”. Adding functionality to physical items, connected devices change the experience by giving the appearance of independent action. Incredible growth and innovation in the “internet of things” will be the backbone of the “internet of all”.
  3. Quantifying data from our personal actions. Fitness tracking hardware, aka “wearable technology” is the sorely overlooked piece of the puzzle — the part that puts our physical experience into the equation, rather than just our presence.

The combination of these three pieces have the potential to create an augmented/smart/quantified future of personal experiences that are unique to each of us alone and connected to all of us together.

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