“Children of the Machine” – Could AR Be “All Reality”?

A new science-fiction series named Children of the Machine centers on a “huge technical glitch” and describes a future with incredible developments in artificial intelligence and augmented/virtual reality. The pilot will be released in December on BitTorrent (the peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol site, making it’s first foray into media) and is produced by Marco Weber and written by him and Jeff Stockwell.

A clip of Children of the Machine shows a world where “embedded” augmented reality has become mainstream, where users live with an enhanced reality created through computer implants in their bodies. While there are no details about the user’s experience of having a chip, a teenage girl in the clip says “it’s fun and useful, but I also need it to be social.”

In a previously released clip, a dark side to the Children of the Machine world was introduced: someting called “jolting” — a virtual reality psychedelic-like trip.

A interesting concept to be sure, and creative glances into the future of technology is the stuff that feeds innovation.


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