Sandy Gets The Duracell Rapid Responder

The weak link of the smart device life is often the constant need for more power — in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the widespread blackout through the New York tri-state area made this very evident.  The residents of the lower tip of Manhattan (home of the Architechnologist and TECHNOGORILLA) were visited by the Duracell Rapid Responder vehicle bringing free batteries and one thousand hours of power for mobile devices.  The Duracell Rapid Responder trailer expands into a large tent and holds charging lockers, access to computers and WiFi.

In the hours and days after any disaster, information often provides comfort.  Keeping connected to friends and family provides a lifeline between the affected and their friends and family.  The mobile devices that are the mainstay of our connected lives depend on a constant diet of electricity, something that is in short supply after a disaster, either natural or man-made.

On behalf of the people of lower Manhattan, we would like to thank Duracell and the Duracell Rapid Responder team for their generosity and help in a return to normalcy during a difficult time.

For more information or updates on location for Duracell’s Rapid Responder and Power Forward Community Center, visit or follow @Duracell on Twitter.

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