Sit-Stand Up and Be Counted.

It’s been about a month since I began using a sit-stand desk from Ergotron and the experience has been outstanding (pun entirely intended.  The two most dramatic changes were also the most unexpected:

Yours truly, with the Ergotron sit-stand desk.

My focus and productivity have increased.  I was extremely skeptical of this claim (more than half of people given the option to sit and stand while working reported increased productivity), but here I am.  I suspect that there are all kinds of physiological consequences from using a sit-stand desk, but I am not qualified to make those statements.  I can, however, guess that the subtle shifting and movements from standing keep me from “spacing out”.  Most of the time I do not even notice that I am moving from one foot to the other or just shifting my weight when at the sit-stand desk, but it seems to be enough to keep me focused.

I am less tired.  Particularly when I leave my office, I am less fatigued than if I had been “comfortably sitting” all day.  Again, I cannot speak to why this is and I honestly cannot even begin to guess.  It would seem logical that I am using more muscles while standing and therefore be more tired.  Especially if working at a sit-stand desk burns an 337 extra calories a day (based on my weight, as estimated by the calculator on, direct link).

So I guess that I have joined the ranks of the “standers”, despite my skepticism.  Do you have any questions about my time using a sit-stand desk?  Comments from your own experience?  Please leave a comment and we will work them into the next in this series.

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