Visijax Shines at CES

One of the brightest spots at the “Unveiled” launch event at the 2015 International CES was Visijax and its range of intelligent cycle wear. The manufacturer and retailer of smart clothing aimed at the sports and fitness sectors demonstrated the Commuter Cycle Jacket with embedded washable electronics that brings intelligence to smart clothing.

At Visijax, we are passionate about cycling, cycle wear and electronics. Integrating them successfully is hard, but we’re leading the way in optimized visibility to make a real difference in people’s lives. We are delighted and proud that, of all the products being developed in the rapidly growing wearables sector, we’ve been singled out – by experts – for the work that our global team is doing in this exciting field of smart clothing. In our world, this award is a tech Oscar!
— Mark Bernstein, Visijax CEO

The Commuter Jacket features high intensity LEDs: a set of white on front and and a red strip on the back and incorporates turn indicators activated by intuitive action: simply raise your arm and it self-cancels after your turn! It draws power from a USB rechargeable Lithium ion battery, which lasts up to 30 hours between charges. Amazingly, the jacket is machine washable — simply detach and remove the battery before washing the jacket.

Visijax is a consumer brand of Wearable Technologies Limited, a licensing and distribution business, with over fifty granted patents in the field. The Architechnologist will be speaking with Visijax and Wearable Technologies to see some of their other projects, including industrial workwear with the same technology capability, for organizations wishing to explore how a safer, smart, connected workforce can benefit their operations.

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