VR World Opening Night.

VR World in NYC Brings Virtual Reality to All

The best virtual reality (VR) experiences can transport the user to places far away or to adventures otherwise left to the imagination. Current technology allows for the creation of incredible content – limited only by the availability of the hardware needed to experience it. The new VR World (www.vrworldnyc.com) in midtown Manhattan provides both the latest, most immersive virtual reality content and access to the best hardware commercially available. More than simply a virtual reality arcade, VR World is an incubator and innovation hub that generates original VR content and applications.

VR World gives visitors access to more than 50 interactive virtual reality exhibits, featuring works of art, music, science, games and social impact. We visited the new virtual reality destination for the grand opening and got to sample some of the exhibits, we fought off never-ending hordes of zombies that attacked from all directions, defended ourselves from murderous robots in a futuristic factory and directed an adorable fox through a 360º world in classic platformer-style. We did miss our chance at a multiplayer game, made custom for VR World, that served players a crème brûlée and slowly turned players into a virtual dessert while you ate it.

VR World Opening Night.
VR World Opening Night.
Image Credit: Kenny Rodriguez

Now open to the public, VR World is located at 4 East 34th Street in New York City, only steps away from the Empire State Building. Full day tickets are available at a special grand opening price of $39, giving visitors access to all the latest in virtual reality.

Virtual reality will continue to evolve and new innovations will create more powerful hardware which will allow for more immersive experiences — VR World can play host to the progress and showcase it to the world.

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