Wireless Power Up Again With Fulton Innovation and eCoupled

Breaking new ground again at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the team at Fulton Innovation has several cutting-edge wireless power concepts that we could be changing the way we interact with our devices and how they interact with the world.

Utilizing eCoupled intelligent wireless power and the Qi standard, Fulton Innovation is demonstrating a tablet being charged wirelessly, which in turn is used to charge a mobile phone by simply placing the two devices back-to-back.

Wireless power is rapidly becoming a must-have feature in the latest smart-phones…
— Dave Baarman, Director of Advanced Technologies for Fulton Innovation

eCouple and Your Tablet Power A PosterIn a particularly engaging demonstration of the flexibility of wireless power, Fulton Innovation showcases an interactive printed poster with an illustration of a DJ console that can actually be played.   Music is made by tapping the speakers, mixer, and turntable — the power is supplied by the same two-way technology that allows a tablet to charge and re-charge wirelessly.  The combination of printed electronics and two-way wireless power creates a new connection to consumers through interactive posters, magazines, food packaging and more.

Using its new Adaptive Resonance technology, Fulton Innovation is also demonstrating the ability to charge multiple devices with different power requirements on a single wireless power charging pad. This innovation is particularly notable as Fulton is also displaying several surfaces that might be used to charge several combinations of Qi-compatible devices at once:

  • an eCoupled conference table or coffee table might charge laptops and smartphones despite their varying power requirements
  • a kitchen counter could charge a tablet and an appliance that requires direct power at the same time.

More information about the technology from eCoupled and Fulton Innovations can be found at ecoupled.com.

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