99% Sure About Apple’s 9.9 Event

Apple is holding a major media event on September 9th 2014 (one week from the time of the writing of this post); as is tradition, as the Editor-in-Chief of the Architechnolgoist I am putting my pride on the line and making my predictions public. All of these predictions are my own and I have no “inside knowledge” from anyone from Apple in Cupertino or elsewhere — if I’m right, it’s because I am just that damn good and if I am wrong, it is simply because I have picked up on a feature that is in development for the iPhone 7.

I will share one theory I have regarding Apple’s hardware development: it is very common for them to not be first to market with new technology, often giving features to the legions of users long after they have been available to competitors. This does one extraordinary thing in Apple’s favor, they have been watching their adversaries make mistakes and learning from them. Just as important, Apple knows how to see what their competitors include, what they don’t and what they leave out because it is too “Apple-ish” — and how to tell the difference (meaning: just because another device maker doesn’t do something, it may not be a bad idea).

Image of the invition for Apple's September 9, 2014 event.Apple is (in)famous for including hints within the invitation for their events, I will refer to the invite in my predictions. So, in no particular order other than making a semi-logical story, my predictions for what Apple will present during it’s event on September 9th at 10am PST (1pm EST).

[box border=”full”]99.44% Probability:[/box]

iOS 8: Including HealthKit and HomeKit, Apple announced the next generation of their mobile operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Historically, Apple has released the final version to the public with new devices.

iPhone 6… and iPhone 6: While not confirmed in any way, shape or form, it is widely accepted that Apple will unveil two versions of the next iPhone. The devices will have screens larger than any previous iPhone, a 4.7-inch model (similar in size to the current iPhone) and a larger “phablet” model with a 5.5-inch screen. The invitation has a major hint for this one, readily visible if you look carefully at the typography: the 9’s in the date are not technically 9’s but actually upside down 6’s… and there’s two of them.

Improved Siri: Also announced at WWDC, upgrades and new features for Apple’s voice-controlled virtual assistant. And, well, just look at the invitation… all Siri wants to do is “say more”.

[box border=”full”]85% Probability:[/box]

Apple’s Payment System (iWallet?): It’s been a long time coming, and I think it’s finally here. Building on the quiet expansion of the iBeacon system and the iOS Passbook system, it could be time for Near Field Communication (NFC) integration into the iPhone family. Add recent rumors of major financial players (American Express for example) being included as “partners” in the payment system and it looks like we have something.

iWatch: I think that the long-rumored device will finally get an official announcement… but not a firm release date (I would guess the end of the year, but it’s only a guess).

iPhone Memory: The existing iPhone has a powerful A7 processor and yet is missing the memory to fully utilize it. It makes sense that Apple will, at a minimum, match the 2GB of RAM that many of it’s competitors ship with… although many engineers point out that iOS cannot take full advantage of the iPhone’s 64-bit processor without 4GB of RAM.

[box border=”full”]70% Probability:[/box]

Wireless Charging (iPower?):  Of everything on this list, this is the one that gives me the most agida — I have been wanting wireless charging on the iPhone for so very, very long. So why bump it into the 70% slot now? Based on the probability of an Near Field Communication (NFC) payment system and recently unearthed 2012 and 2013 patent applications from Apple that show what could be a single chip doing double duty for both NFC and Near Field Magnetic Resonance (NMFR) power transmission — that’s why. PS If I got one fantasy “ask” for an iPhone from Tim Cook, this would be it.

OS X Yosemite: Despite the end-of-summer event typically being iOS-focued, we could be in for “one more thing” with a release date for the upcoming version of Apple’s Mac OS. Especially with the tremendous connections between Yosemite and iOS 8 (per Apple’s own site, direct link).

[box border=”full”]One More Thing:[/box]

If both the payment system and wireless charging are really part of the iPhone 6, would that mean that we get iCash and iCharge?

[box type=”alert” style=”rounded”]Post-event Recap: So, I was pretty damn close… closer if you give me credit for the wireless charging on the AppleWatch.[/box]

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