Getting Up For A Sit-Stand Desk

Technology’s enhancement of the human experience is the focus of the Architechnologist, often leaving the human part unrepresented.  The concept of the “quantified self” has been discussed and embraced (to a small degree), augmented reality and Google Glass are often referred to with near mythic status and the connected place is a cornerstone of our passion — but the un-enhanced body that we all inhabit?  It has been overlooked and this post aims to remedy that.

Before launching the Architechnologist, I began a journey to reclaim my health; I was obese and horribly unfit.  Just eighteen months ago, I began by simply removing junk-food and adding mild exercise on weekdays.  Twelve months ago, I joined an Evernote Fitness Challenge — a 30-day experiment that has led to a dramatic weight loss based on a low-carbohydrate diet and regular exercise.  Now, with a weight loss of sixty pounds (that’s a 6 followed by a 0) and an energy level that I have not had since before my wife and I had our first child (we now have three), I am faced with a new challenge: what to do next to keep the self that I worked to get.

The WorkFit SurveyAfter an unscheduled meeting at the International Consumer Electronics Show, I believe that I have found the answer to that question: a sit-stand desk from Ergotron.  I found supporting research and a tremendous amount of information for those interested in joining the growing network of “standers” at

I received a sit-stand desk a week ago and have been standing about half of my workday, six days a week.   With this limited experience, I am already starting to see some of the reported benefits in myself… let’s see what the next week brings.


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